Look Left

Hello comrades,

We’re Hannah Taylor (she/her) and Tom Zagoria (he/him), your co-chairs for this term. Given the calling of the snap general election, our goal for this term will be spreading Labour values in the most direct way possible – by getting Labour candidates elected to the County Council and, of course, to Parliament. We want to do everything possible to ensure that by the end of our term, we will have a Labour government which can set the country on a fundamentally different course.

The influx of support to OULC and the party as a whole this past week has been overwhelming. It is wonderful to see so many people enthused to get involved and make some positive change! We want to mobilise the student body to get ready to fight for a society which is run in the interests of the many, not the few.

We’re very excited by the new format for Look Left, and hope that the articles published throughout this term will show what a diverse and interesting club OULC can be! With your help, Look Left can facilitate an ongoing conversation with our members in this thrilling election period.

If you want to get in touch, you can email us at oxunilabour@gmail.com.

Hannah Taylor & Tom Zagoria


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