The Case for Managed Migration

In the second of two articles debating immigration, Jake Davies, OULC member, argues against freedom of movement and makes the case for restricted migration. A good place to start this piece is to stress the specifically modern context in which I am advocating for controlled immigration. This is not an assessment of the UK’s intakeContinue reading “The Case for Managed Migration”

The Joys of Immigration

In the first of two articles debating immigration, Kieran Marray, OULC member, defends high levels of immigration into the UK and explains why he believes Labour should be encouraging it. I have to start with a confession: I am a massive fan of immigration. Maybe it’s because I likely wouldn’t be sitting here and writing thisContinue reading “The Joys of Immigration”

Sexism in the Labour Party

With Westminster in turmoil over the recent sexual assault scandals, Iris Kaye-Smith, current co-chair of OULC, talks about her experiences with sexism in OULC and her hopes for a cultural change in Oxford’s student political societies. I remember being a fresher in Oxford University Labour Club, sat in a college bar with some older membersContinue reading “Sexism in the Labour Party”

Campaigning: it’s not that bad

                Hannah Taylor, former co-chair of OULC, dispels some campaigning myths in her helpful guide to door-knocking. I barely ever went campaigning in my first year at university. It was scary. Having never done it at home I had no idea what it would involve. I had horribleContinue reading “Campaigning: it’s not that bad”