The Other Side of the Coin: Oxford’s Overlooked Living Wage Problem

Jacob Armstrong, former OULC committee member and Chair of the Oxford SU Living Wage Campaign, sets out the next steps in fighting for the Living Wage in Oxford. Few students are not familiar with the comments Vice Chancellor Louise Richardson made over the summer regarding executive pay and free speech at Oxford. Regarding the former,Continue reading “The Other Side of the Coin: Oxford’s Overlooked Living Wage Problem”

Communitarianism: the Overlooked Ideology

Jake Davies explores the ideology of communitarianism, the effective opposite of libertarianism insofar as it puts the community’s interest before the individual’s in the economic and cultural sphere, and why it is important for the Labour movement to understand. The belief that a straightforward left-right binary does not adequately capture individuals’ political views is notContinue reading “Communitarianism: the Overlooked Ideology”

The New Feminist Agenda

Rachel Collett, Women’s Officer for MT17, reflects upon the relationship between the Labour movement and modern day feminism. In the aftermath of Trump’s victory, we witnessed the largest single-day demonstration in US history: the Women’s March. With crowds of 500,000 people marching in Washington, and an estimated 5 million worldwide, women protested in solidarity withContinue reading “The New Feminist Agenda”


Former BAME Officer and Social Secretary for OULC, Brahma Mohanty, gives us his thoughts on the illustrious history of The Co-operative Party. This October marks the 100th anniversary of the formation of the Co-operative Party: borne out of the Parliamentary Committee of the Co-operative Union of 1881 and founded by co-operative societies to seek fairer andContinue reading “THE CO-OPERATIVE PARTY: 100 YEARS OF CO-OPERATION”