Why Fatima’s next job should be in the arts, for all our sakes

Toni Ledda The average person now changes career 5-7 times in their life. For Fatima, the ballet dancer, who will have probably trained for over a decade, for an average of 6 to 7 hours a day, her next career change could be just around the corner, in cyber! How exciting!  It is very unsurprisingContinue reading “Why Fatima’s next job should be in the arts, for all our sakes”

What Labour can learn from Jacinda Ardern

Daniel Harrison For the UK Labour Party Jacinda Ardern’s success is instructive. Beneath the ease and empathy, a hard-nosed political strategist lurks. Ardern may be younger and less serious than Starmer, but the challenges she overcame bear a striking resemblance to the obstacles facing Keir Starmer. Ardern did not lead her party to their best result since 1946 just because of her charm or even her highly effective leadership during the pandemic. Both were critical, but look harder.Continue reading “What Labour can learn from Jacinda Ardern”

Susanna Pressel: Oxford County Council Candidate Profile

Hi. My name is Susanna Pressel and I’m standing for re-election as a Labour candidate for both the City Council and the County Council for West & Central Oxford in May. I’ve been a City Councillor here in Oxford since 1996. That may sound like a long time, but I can assure you it hasContinue reading “Susanna Pressel: Oxford County Council Candidate Profile”

Andy Burnham: King in the North

Ciara Garcha “Canaries in a coalmine” was the phrase Andy Burnham used in criticising the government’s plans to put Greater Manchester into Tier 3 of the COVID-19 restriction system, without additional financial aid. The Liverpool-born Mayor for Greater Manchester snatched national headlines, as he took the fight to the government, demanding more financial support forContinue reading “Andy Burnham: King in the North”

Brad Baines: Oxford County Council Candidate Profile

Hi! My name is Brad and I’m standing to be your next Labour County Councillor for Isis Division next May. The Isis County Division gets its name from an alternative name for the Thames and stretches from New Hinksey and Iffley Village in the south to the City Centre south of the High Street inContinue reading “Brad Baines: Oxford County Council Candidate Profile”