“It’s brutal, to be honest”- Tory Treatment of the North

Martha Storey The tangled web of local lockdowns has recently been swept away and replaced with a simpler, three-tiered system of local Covid-19 alert levels. This neat manoeuvre has only highlighted the neglect of areas in existing local lockdowns, making the divide between treatment of London and the rest of the country all the moreContinue reading ““It’s brutal, to be honest”- Tory Treatment of the North”

Michael O’Connor: Oxford County Council Candidate Profile

Hi! I’m Michael and I’m standing as the Labour County Council candidate for the University Parks division in the May 2021 local elections. Oxfordshire County Council is responsible for a wide range of things, including schools, social services, mental health and transport. In central Oxford, the County Council’s primary responsibility is for transport, which means that it isContinue reading “Michael O’Connor: Oxford County Council Candidate Profile”

Starmer’s Speech: Connected to the Nation?

Martha Storey It is no surprise that Kier Starmer’s “New Leadership” speech at Labour Connected was full of accusations about the Prime Minister, from his handling of Covid-19 to his hand in the decade of austerity that preceded the pandemic. However, the biggest take away from the conference speech was the marked change in theContinue reading “Starmer’s Speech: Connected to the Nation?”

The Problem With the U-Turn

Image Description: Martha Storey along with others at the Leeds Exams Justice Protest Martha Storey, OULC Secretary, Women*s Officer, and organiser of the Leeds Exams Justice Protest, critiques the governments eventual U-Turn on exam grades. EXAMS IN A PANDEMIC Given the global pandemic going on around them, the Class of 2020 were always going toContinue reading “The Problem With the U-Turn”


OULC Treasurer, Martha Storey, writes about the failings of the Conservative Government to prioritise education during the coronavirus crisis. From the very beginnings of the Covid-19 crisis, the government seems to have forgotten about education. The lack of discussion about schools in early stages of the Coronavirus crisis has continued set a trend for theContinue reading “EDUCATION, EDUCATION, EDUCATION”