Hilary Term 2021


Sofia Cotterill and Beth Nott
Sofia and Beth

Hey everyone! Our names are Beth Nott (they/them) and Sofia Cotterill (she/her) and we’re your co-chairs for Hilary 2021! We’re both PPEists (shockingly enough) from Brasenose college. This term we are aiming to atone for the sins of our not so fabulous Brasenose forbears (*cough* David Cameron *cough*), by bringing you informative and interesting leftie events, socials and talks. We’re both dedicated Labour members and supporters and have been involved with OULC since arriving at University, taking on a range of roles from Membership Officer and Social Secretary to LGBTQ+ Officer and Women*s Officer, and we are so so excited and privileged to be acting as your co-chairs this term.

If you have any questions or ideas about/for the club or you want to chat about anything from politics or pamphletting to puppies or Plato please drop us an email!


Hi all, I’ll be serving as your OULC Secretary for Hilary and Trinity term. My name is Maddie (she/her) and I am a first-year studying Law at Keble. I’ve felt incredibly welcomed by the OULC, being able to be an active member of the committee as a Fresher is a testament to the club’s inclusivity. Unfortunately, it seems that another of Oxford’s terms will be subject to Covid restrictions :((. Be assured that we will remain active via our online presence.

As Secretary, I’ll be keeping all those subscribed to our mailing list updated about upcoming (virtual) events. My role will include taking minutes for our termly general meeting (let this act as a reminder for you to attend). I’ll also be undertaking the task of updating our constitution, which hopefully will put this law degree to good use. Stay safe n lots of love :))


Olly Boyland


Hi, I’m Olly (he/him), and I’m a second year studying PPE at Univ. As treasurer, I will be making sure OULC’s finances are running smoothly so we can continue to organise greats events and fund various election campaigns. Please do send me a Facebook message if you’ve got any questions on reimbursements, membership costs or anything generally money-related!

Communications Officer

Hannah PowellHannah

Hi! I’m Hannah, I use she/her pronouns and I am a second year studying History at Worcester. As Comms Officer I manage the OULC social medias and website. I am passionate about abolishing private schools, ending transphobia, and getting a Labour government elected.

Membership Secretary

Daniel Harrison

134632680_3708017602578539_1391095544327073421_nI am Daniel Harrison (he/him) and I am the Membership and Alumni Officer. I am a first year History and Politics Student at Worcester College. My role is focused on encouraging people to join our vibrant society and I will also run the alumni network. I joined OULC in my first term and it has a great diversity of members and events, from Q&A sessions with politicians such as Anneliese Dodds to Beer and Bickering. I encourage anyone and everyone to join, no matter what wing of the party you come from.

Social Secretary 

Toni Ledda

134827217_1055516164959905_1223248860328380897_nHeya! I’m Toni, I use she/her pronouns and I’m the OULC social sec for HT21. This mostly means I’ll be organising beer and bickering each week, probably online. If you have any motions you really want to do please let me know! Other than that I’m mildly aggressively northern (Leeds) and a big Lisa Nandy fan.

Campaigns Officer

Alex Beard

135185369_440146063806298_5103443063767145742_nHi, I’m Alex – I’m a first-year studying History and German at Univ, a full-time E.P. Thompson stan and OULC’s Campaigns Officer for Hilary Term. My far from plain-sailing relationship with Labour began when I joined the party at 14. Now, my job is essentially to liaise with the Labour movement in Oxford to find ways in which the club can best support it. Normally, this would largely involve arranging weekly canvassing sessions ahead of this year’s local elections, although this is of course subject to changes in the Covid situation. Over the next term, therefore, I hope to find ways of using our resources to strengthen the socialist cause locally despite the difficult circumstances.

LGBTQIA+ and Publications Officer

Jade Calder


Hi, I’m Jade (she / her) in my second year at St Peter’s where I study History. As publicity officer I run the weekly blog and organise the Look Left termly magazine – feel free to email me at As LGBTQ+ Rep I’ll be holding causes during each general meeting and attempt to organise some fun and welcoming socials. I hope OULC remains a diverse and open space where people of all sexualities and genders feel valued, and as an aside I’m very much into socialist / queer history (naturally) and extolling the virtues of the people’s republic of Manchester!

Disabled Member’s Officer

Ciara Garcha

132042729_722035002042521_750973875082692279_nHi! I’m Ciara (she/her) and I’m OULC’s Disability Officer for this term! I’m a first year History student at Hertford and I’ve been a Labour member since I was 14. I’m interested in raising awareness around ‘hidden’ disabilities within the university and in taking an intersectional approach to campaigning for disability rights. Within OULC, I will be chairing the Disabled Members Caucus, speaking up on disability-related issues and hopefully organising some exciting socials!

Women*’s Officer

Emily Passmore

120200268_335160794483895_205356614257960702_nHiya, I’m Emily (she/her), I’m a second year studying PPE at Balliol, and I’m the women*’s officer for this term! As the chair of the women*’s caucus. I’m here to represent anyone who identifies as a woman or trans-feminine, or who has experienced oppression as a woman, making sure their interests are protected within the club. On a lighter note, I also run socials for women* in OULC, currently over Zoom and Netflix Party but *possibly* in person again soon! We have a super friendly group chat for anyone wanting to get involved – message me over Facebook, or email me at to join!

BAME Officer

Melanie Onovo 120821981_353088069338347_4120196825792113279_n

Hi everyone! I’m Melanie Onovo and I’m a second year History and Politics student at Christ Church, Oxford. I am the BAME officer for Hilary Term 2021 and I am passionate about fighting for racial justice and fighting against the negative externalities of racial inequality such as gang violence and knife crime. I pledge to host two panel discussions on knife crime and racial justice but also to host socials that increase the cohesiveness of the BAME caucus. Labour’s principles such as helping the deprived and social mobility are fundamental parts of my identity as a student from Newham who grew up in poverty, enthralled and consumed by the post code wars that have led to the deaths of my friends and loved ones. Beyond this, I feel incredibly lucky to be where I am as the people I grew up with with similar promise are either in poverty, prison or surrounded by the impacts of austerity and poor government provisions of opportunity for people from disadvantaged backgrounds. I want to host the hard conversations and change the minds and inspirations of student at Oxford and beyond.

Co-Chairs ElectMartha

Martha Storey and Jasper Evans Jasper

Hey! Our names are Martha and Jasper and we are the OULC co-chairs elect for Hilary 2021. We study Maths and Philosophy and PPE respectively, are both from ‘sunny’ Yorkshire, and cannot wait to meet you all!

This term our role is to help out the rest of the OULC committee, and prepare for our term as co-chairs in Trinity 2021. Let us know if you’ve got any ideas as to how we can improve the club, or any speakers you’d like to see by sending us a message on facebook or emailing us at: or

Ex Officio Committee Members

Matthew Kayanja and Sophie HeathCo-chairs 2

Hi! We are Sophie (she/her) and Matthew (he/him) and we are the ex-officio co-chairs for this term. Our main job is to organise and preside at the Termly General Meeting, but also to support the wonderful Beth and Sofia as co-chairs. We hope we can offer them and the whole committee some morsels of wisdom in these uniquely challenging times.

College Reps

If you have any questions about OULC please feel free to contact your college rep. If your college doesn’t have a college rep and you would like to be a rep for OULC please email

Balliol – Huw Evans and Dylan Barker
Brasenose – Sofia Cotterill
Christ Church – John Lewis and Efe Kati
Corpus Christi College – Jacob Meyer (JCR) and Eric Sheng (MCR)
Exeter College – Adam Jobling
Harris Manchester – Robin Hanford and Jonas Muchalski
Hertford College – Jonathan Quin and Ciara Garcha
Jesus College – Marley Robinson and Theodore Thomas
Keble College – Erin Tunney
Kellogg College – Brahma Mohanty
Lady Margaret Hall – Ben Fraser
Lincoln College – Paul Stephens
Magdalen College – Luca Geary
Merton – Lucienne Pullen
New – George Williams
Oriel College – Joseph Drakely
Pembroke College – Iris Kaye-Smith
Queen’s College – Rebecca Brimble
Regent’s Park – Stuart Mcloughlin
St Catherine’s College – James Evans
St Edmund Hall – Alex Kumar
St Hilda’s – Lola Dickinson
St Hugh’s – Shariq Haidery
St John’s – Leo Nasskau
St Peter’s – Patrick Clarke
Somerville College – Alex Brindle
Trinity College – Tom Bentley
University College – Connie Bostock
Wadham – Connie Kovats and Joe Davies
Worcester – Matthew Kayanja